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Hello! I am so happy that you have decided to explore the ETS website. My mission and my passion are to help students who are struggling learning to read, write, spell, and do math. God has sent me on this journey through a student that I worked with at the school I was working at last school year. She was having such struggles with spelling that I knew there had to be something more. I started investigating dyslexia and discovered that 20% of students have dyslexia. Most of the kids on my speech therapy caseload were probably dyslexic to some degree or another. And all of those kids who are so smart but are struggling so much learning to read, write, spell,and do math end up discouraged, defeated, and giving up at some point. It affects them to their very core. It changes who they are. And the teaching methods that help kids with dyslexia have been around since the 1930's. If only we would use these methods in classrooms, we would help every student learn, not just those with dyslexia. And we would not leave the students with dyslexia behind. Since I have started on this journey to becoming an expert in the field of dyslexia, we have learned that our 13 year old daughter is dyslexic. And both of our daughters have ADD. I have walked in your shoes and I understand. I am so excited already at the improvements we have seen in the students who are receiving tutoring at ETS right now! I cannot wait to see what God does to help the children of Madison county through ETS! Susan Lee

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