Susan Lee

Speech/Language Pathologist
Dyslexia Consultant 


Susan is a fully certified and licensed Speech and Language Pathologist with over 24 years of experience.   She has experience working with children and adults of all ages.  She has worked in both medical and educational settings and has specialized training and expertise in many areas including feeding/ swallowing, language/literacy, articulation/speech sounds, stroke rehabilitation, theatre therapy, and Speech Generating/ Communication devices.  


As a Dyslexia Consultant, Susan has participated in over 120 hours of training in the area of Dyslexia, including Orton-Gillingham techniques.  A graduate level 50 hour training course in 2016 gave her the additional training needed to screen and assess for dyslexia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring hope to individuals and families by providing high quality services to teach children and adults with dyslexia and/or dyscalculia how to read, write, spell, and do math in a way they can truly understand.

Our Team

Darlene Lee 

Darlene holds  a Masters of Arts in Education degree from Ball State University.  She spent 26 years teaching in the public schools at Greenfield and Pendleton and 4 years at Liberty Christian in Anderson and St. Mary's in Alexandria. She has taught every grade from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Darlene has a heart for kids and has taught children's theatre and directed musicals for 32 years. She has completed trainings in the Orton-Gillingham techniques/Barton Reading and Spelling System as well as the Math-U-See Curriculum for dyscalculia.

Sarah Helber

Sarah holds a Masters of Arts in Special Education at Ball State University. Her bachelors is in Christian Ministries with minors in special education and elementary education. She has completed trainings in the Orton-Gillingham techniques/Barton Reading and Spelling System as well as the Math-U-See Curriculum for dyscalculia. She was a Children’s Pastor at a local church in Anderson for five years. She is now the Children’s Pastor at a local nonprofit. She has a heart for children and meeting their various needs. 

Athena Matlock
Shaiya Badgley

Athena attended South Madison Community Schools and graduated from Pendleton Heights High School.  She went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Taylor University Fort Wayne.  For 13 years following college, she served as a 5th grade teacher in South Madison Community Schools.  For an additional 5 years she served in the same district as an Elementary Reading Coach. Missing the opportunity to have her own students, she is now back in a 5th grade classroom. Athena has completed training in Orton-Gillingham techniques/Barton Reading and Spelling System.

Shaiya earned her bachelors degree from Anderson University in elementary education with a focus on reading intervention and early childhood education. She is currently teaching elementary students in a local public school district. She has experience working with students from preschool through sixth grade. She has completed training in Orton- Gillingham Methods/Barton Reading and Spelling System.

Briana Price
  Lori Burrell

Briana holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Indiana University. Through college, Briana was a special needs assistant to students on campus, and worked for a special needs camp over the summers. Her heart has always been for children, and after several years post-college, Briana left her business career to start a family and began volunteering and teaching at local schools, as well as co-directing a daycare for preschoolers. When her own children were ready to start school, Briana embarked on the marvelous journey of homeschooling, and through her work with different curriculums, found that the Barton method was a far superior system for children of all ability levels. She completed training in the Barton Reading and Spelling System as well as the Math-U-See Curriculum for dyscalculia. Teaching kids is her favorite!

Lori has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Baptist Christian College. She has many years of experience working with students including 6 years teaching preschool, 1 yr teaching art at a private elementary school, 2 years directing Children's Church and Vacation Bible School, and teaching Sunday School and Vacation Bible School Teacher for 10+ years. Lori is also a certified Stephen Minister, so she is able to use this counseling training to help her students. Lori has had training in Orton-Gillingham/Barton Reading and Spelling System and MathUSee. Lori has raised 3 children and has 1 grandson who lives in Texas. She has a fur baby named Scooter who loves to come to virtual class with her. When she can get away, she enjoys walks along the beach and in her spare time, she enjoys being creative in her Art Studio.

Jennifer Hoover

Jennifer has a Master in Arts degree from Ball State University and has worked with children in different educational and ministry settings for 20 years.  Having two children of her own with autism, as well as one with dyslexia and ADHD, Jennifer has experience with children who may struggle in a “typical” educational environment.  Jennifer has homeschooled her own children until recently, but is active in all education and therapies they receive.